Located nearby Geneva in Switzerland and half a mile away from the Lake Leman, the Studio offers an incomparable resourcing vibration environment whilst being able to guarantee a highly qualified resulting production.

The Studio is animated by a small resident crew of Enthusiasts who dedicated years to learning, tweaking, playing, including the Founder Nicolas Picciotto.

External Teams coming from Prestigious Environments such as Boullard Musique™, Milestone Studios™ in Cape Town – South Africa, Music Asylum™ in the UK, Tone Tweakers Inc.™ in New York – USA and many more locally and remotely.

They are all available whenever required to provide support and competence to our facility equipment architecture, infrastructure and set of services.


Taste it, test it. One result will still apply: a fully compelling environment striving for your Success…

Planning to add some real genuine flavours to your already existing production? Or willing to work from scratch on a brand new Project? Want to test with a Single whether pursue or not a full scale Album Project with us?

Envision a Musical Score for a Movie outside all the well identified boundaries?

Now interconnecting Teams and dedicated Facilities worldwide with their own specialities but sharing them all daily,

From Founex to Cape Town, from Londonderry to Campbell, from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to New York and more each passing month, we offer an uncompromising and incomparable set of Solutions, Teams,

Skills and Equipment fully compatible with your expectations met by our Professionals from the Music Industry.

Focusing there is not only an expression, it is the Studio’s main core & soul


Swiss Vintage Studio features an impressive array of vintage gears and synthesizers ranging from the 1960’s to 2020. It is a small facility of approximately 100m2 including 30m2 specifically focused onto the gears.

More than 160 gears, all operational and in perfect condition, are interconnected to the main consoles and DAW and represent a huge analog infrastructure, the latter being interfaced to 2 MIDAS 32 Units as well as to 8 UNIVERSAL AUDIO Interfaces.

Years of pure history


Check our equipment list and production to listen to the variety of sounds and flavors You can expect from such a packed musical environment.

We also have access to the music industry playgrounds, ranging from the labels to the manufacturers and stages in Switzerland and abroad.

LIKE TO RECORD Real physical gears ?

If you are willing to record real physical gears, you want to get rid of any distorsion, noise and interference. This therefore implies absolutely no input signal modification is applied to any gear before being recorded / sampled into the DAW.

All treatments are processed once operating and recording from within the DAW thanks to the full collection of professional plugins from Universal Audio(TM) and other Vendors as well as all the available outboard equipment on site.

We also have the ability to rent or even buy specific signal processors, consoles, speakers, guitars, microphones etc. from the relevant top distributors in Switzerland and Worldwide whenever required for specific needs.

Nevertheless, the affected internal and external teams have a tremendous amount of KNOWLEDGE which should match and satisfy most of your expectations on location. If you therefore need external engineers and / or equipment, we either have them or have a direct access to them.


It’s a true paradigm per se !

No need to tell you about the logics behind what we do here as you’d naturally have understood that « integration » is the master word in what we do thoroughly. We have all what is needed to achieve excellent results whatever the music style of yours. If you wish it to sound the way the industry does it, no problem once again.

Though the facility is of a humble size (30 square meters for the studio itself, 100 square meters for the accommodation during the working sessions), the studio is literally packed with real genuine physical and logical systems and engineering possibilities.

On top of all the DAW collection of plugins from various world class editors and the external outboard gears we either have on location or have access to, check the gears list out… Why? Simply because most of all the gears on location have the ability to be used to reprocess part or the whole of your files, bounces, mixes or even masters… The most ancient one dates back from the mid 60’s… and works perfectly well! 

Your sound can therefore be truly unique whilst fully compatible with the industry standards at whatever stage during the creation process! As we said in preamble, it is a true paradigm per se!!!




Depending on whether you wish to have an utmost spatial sound or rather wish to focus onto pure dynamics and efficiency, whether for a dance hit or industrial mix, an acoustic blend within a movie score, an ambient package or a piece of classical baroque, we will take you throughout an interesting journey.

How come? Because we are used to listen, play and even compose ambient, electro, industrial, rock, movie scores, classical pieces for decades.

This studio is an open facility where talented people come and help without despise at request. It sources out from all the experiences from all the talents’ paths crossed over, moreover since a very long time. Do you wish to have access to top quality sound engineers? No problem: we’ll include them into the process, whether coming from our own network of competences or from your label / production house / manufacturer / editor (…).

Our teams will help you to achieve an excellent mix, thus preceding the mastering stage comfortably numb.

Swiss VINTAGE Studio




Boullard Musique

A music shop in Morges, Switzerland


Swiss public radio station in Lausanne


Musical Gears Maintenance And Repair, Switzerland


Electrician, in Gland, Switzerland


Moving company in Lausanne, Switzerland


Hi-End Audio Specialist in Geneva

Tone TWeakers

The vintage synth perfectionists – The place to sel or buy gears


IT and web specialist in Chexbres