Johanna Fegan aka Jojo’Star


Johanna loves to perform live and interact meaningfully with audiences. She performs not only as a solo artist but also as part of a cover band called Suspect Device.
Suspect Device have a huge range of songs dating right back to old school punk rock from the late 70’s to modern punk , alternative rock and mainstream music.
Learning different songs every few weeks keeps Johanna very adaptable and in constant practice mode. Her performances with Suspect Device demand a high level of fitness as they deliver explosive performances every weekend.

Johanna has currently finished demoing all 14 tracks with extras from her home studio in Derry in preparation for her new solo album which she will be recording in 2019.
This album will be filled to the brim with honesty, passion, Melody, drive and pure unfettered energy.
In preparation for her solo album, Johanna will be gigging around Ireland to promote her unique style with just a boss acoustic amp, loop pedal and vocal harmonizer.

Over the years Johanna has gained great credibility within the sound cloud community. She has worked very hard not only on her own productions but has collaborated intensely with all her favorite producers. These include 33vriem33, A.F.C, Fat Pockets, The Punkuter, Liam Boyle, D.D Danahy and many many more. In fact Johanna has formed bands developing the name Johanna Fegan into her AKA jOjO’Star.
jOjO’Star has then morphed into other online bands such as jOjO’Star The Electric Mind and jOjO’Stars Subatomic Soundclash. Another one of Johanna’s online band is Cantos for the mechanical vanity which is an awesome duo with the very talented Punkuter.

All this just goes to show how versatile Johanna can be as an artist.
Not only a rocker at heart, Johanna has grown to love and even write electronic music fusing genres such as Reggae, Dub, Heavy Step, cool house and alternative rock together always coming up with a sound that is fresh, new and completely original.

Her singing style has been applauded by many credible producers and many times has been told that she is a force to be reckoned with. If I was to pin hole Johanna, I would have to say that she reminds me of some of the greatest female recording artists of the last 4 decades, artists such as Pattie Smith, Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morrisette, Janis Joplin, Hazel O’ Connor, Sinead O’Conor, Pink, Siouxsie Sioux and even at times Kate Bush.

Johanna’s Potential and her work ethic is expanding globally.
Johanna writes and performs music that she loves and music that connects. Not only a performer but a messanger also that is ever evolving and expanding. Watch this space.