Murray Anderson

Sound Engineer

Murray Anderson started Milestone Studios in Cape Town over 30 years ago. He has recorded many albums which have earned him Gold and Platinum records, and has received awards for recording the Best Rock Album of the Year (for Robin Auld), Best Jazz Album of the Year (for Abdullah Ibrahim).

A prolific jingle writer, Murray has also scored the music for national and international films and TV programs, including Country Of My Skull, A Boy Called Twist, Hopeville, and Felix. Clients for his scores include all the major South African TV networks, the BBC, Discovery Channel, and others.

He was the first winner of the Professional Sound Engineer category of the Vuka Awards in 2000, won the “Best Music” Gemini Award, one of Canada’s highest accolades, for composing the music in “Madiba: The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela”, and recently received the South African Film and Television Award for Best Achievement in Original Music/Score for TV Drama. Jingles which feature his African-style guitar playing have been used worldwide.