Nicolas Picciotto

founder & Artist

April 1982.

Being 11 years old, he wanted a computer for his birthday as he argued that such owners would be ruling the world.

Told that this was a useless item, he then asked for a Yamaha DX9 and was granted the latter. But the 4 operators device could not provide enough sounding capabilities and the DX7 only released 18 months later was out of reach financially.

Swapping the DX9 for a JUNO 106 he started building over the past 36 years the present collection of vintage music gears and learned playing, programming, tweaking and mastering the must-be-honoured latter equipment.

But he never left the computers world and became a pioneer in the IT, Telco and Security Industries providing throughout Companies he founded best in class techniques and services.

Ranging from squashing the Top Class Financial Analysts Asset Performances Tools in 1996/1997 to in 1998 launching a full scale remote Swiss Bank Subsidiary in the Dutch Antilles via a satellite fully encrypted trunk and full scope Banking Systems linking the Swiss Headquarters, or founded the largest privately owned IT, Telco, Security and Applications Development Systems Integrator in Switzerland from 1996-2007, to the second largest video blog worldwide in 2004 – shortlisted by GoogleTM in 2006 when the latter was considering buying the Company simultaneously with YouTubeTM, and many more…

Today aspiring to provide amongst the worldwide best in class operational vintage gears synth recording and production facilities. The aim as well is to help Artists, Bands and Labels as much as he can thanks to the combination of on one hand daily increasing Crews of Talented People from the Music Industry and on the other hand a fully operational 360 degrees of Technology driven Electronic Music Studio Recording facility.

During my teenager phase, I studied music theory, after this period I became self-taught. I have always been interested in composition and arrangement, so I’ve worked as a guitar player and as a sequencer programmer for some of the underground bands of Rio rock scene, always focused in writing and extracting weird guitar textures sounds, in particular with a band called Sukhoi, where I could experience a much better projection after the link from a song on a TV show.

My Interest in mathematics and science led me into the path of engineering sciences, which was reflected in passion for sound engineering. By the end of the 90’s, when the technology became accessible, I started up my first home studio, producing music for the publishing and internet market as well as some work as a composer for new artists from small labels.

In the early 2000s I started to be absorbed by electronic music and other genres, spot on: D&B, hip hop, reggae, R&B and also experimental electroacoustic music field, which I had the opportunity to develop a collaborative work in regards of creating an unconventional musical writing for weird sounds produced by electric guitar.

In the ides of 2012, I co-founded with my very good buddy Alex Dub, the AFC project.

Currently, in the electronic music universe, I am strongly interested in any kind of music /sub-genres that use massive sampling techniques, synthesizers and distortion. I am also very keen to Indie Rock and Metal, a special highlight for sounds that use the Djent guitar technique.