Pablo Facina


Pablo is a bass player from Rio de Janeiro who has played in various Rio bands since 1994. In his childhood he became interested in Music and began to learn guitar and piano, but soon gave up.

During his adolescence – precisely since he’s been watching Flea playing Give It Away on MTV – Pablo decided that the bass was the perfect instrument for him to learn about and became dedicated to assiduously.

In less than 1 year of classes Pablo was already playing in professional bands and teaching others.

After gaining his first bass, a GB-100 Giannini, due to technical limitations and affinity with the genre, Pablo is focused onto punk rock.

But soon after Pablo gets introduced to the band Rush, thus opening his mind to progressive rock.

Thanks to his continuous dedication to the techniques of progressive rock, the invitations to play in local bands of reagge and pagode arise.

Unmissable opportunities…

Once again, in a very short time, Pablo changes his musical vision and realizes that there is much more besides the rock.

The most influential band that Pablo took part to at that time was called Allegro (melodic metal).

In 2007 he realizes that he can offer and receive more from Music if he dedicated himself to musical production.

Pablo started producing MPB and electronic music projects (Juca and Chico / Oficina mecânica).

He progressively takes awareness that his most praised works are those into which he uses samples.

Due to the ease of processing samples into music, he realizes that he would be just one step away from entering the audio-visual field.

In 2016 Pablo chooses to risk himself into editing a video for the project Juca and Chico, understanding that there is a proper process to do it.

He thereafter starts to edit videos for AFC and Johanna Fegan.

And so begins the Bassobot Journey…